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Saint Thomas More Roman Catholic Church - Alhambra
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St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church
Happy Easter to you!
Jesus is risen from the dead; is that true? Initially, the first disciples struggled to believe the Resurrection of their Master.
Some of us have heard about someone who died and came back to life or regained consciousness after being in a serious coma. However, such people will still face death and will eventually die. In other words, even for those who have escaped death temporarily, everyone eventually dies.
During Holy Week, we learn Judas betrayed Jesus. Many of Jesus’ closest friends – the disciples – ran away from Him in fear of being persecuted. People were cruel and humiliated Him. Finally, Jesus was captured, crucified, and died on the Cross. Imagine what those people thought; that this was the end of Jesus! This man proclaiming to be the Son of God would no longer be visiting villages and talking to people.

No Confessions April 6th – April 20th
Palm Sunday
April 14th
Holy Thursday
April 18th  7:00 pm
Good Friday
April 19th  3:00 pm, 7:00pm
Easter Vigil
April 20th  7:00 pm
Easter Sunday
April 21st  
Office: (626) 284-8333  Fax: (626) 282-4459
Pastor: Fr. Thai Le
(ext. 116)
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Jeremiah O’Neill
Deacon Couple: Rogelio and Emilia Garcia  (626) 705-1072
Safeguard the Children Contact: Mae Ho
(ext. 139) or (626) 457-5302
Director of Religious Education: Mae Ho
(ext. 139) or (626) 457-5302
Liturgy & Music Coordinator: Sr. Andrea Johnson
(ext. 137)
Accounting Manager: Lucy Lai
(ext. 110)
 Youth Ministry & Confirmation Coordinator: Francisco Ramos
Assistant Coordinator: Gabriella Ramos (ext. 135)
Parish Secretary: Lucia Alcantar
(ext. 141)
Parish Receptionist: Mimi Lewis
Saturday Vigil 5:00PM
Reconciliation Saturday: 4:00-4:45PM
Sunday English 7:30AM, 9:00AM, 12:30PM
Sunday Spanish 10:45AM
Daily: Mon-Sat 8:30AM
Holy Day Masses 8:30AM,  7:00PM
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