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-Mass Schedule-
Saturday Reconciliation:

         4:00PM to 4:45PM
Saturday Vigil:

Sunday English:

         7:30AM, 9:00AM, 12:30PM
Sunday Spanish:


         Mon-Sat 8:30AM
Holy Day Masses:

         8:30AM,  7:00PM
-Parish Staff-
Some Extensions Have Changed
Office: (626) 284-8333  Fax: (626) 282-4459
Pastor: Fr. Thai Le
(ext. 110) frthaile@yahoo.com
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Jeremiah O’Neill
Deacon Couple: Rogelio and Emilia Garcia
rogelio.emilia@hotmail.com  (626) 705-1072
Safeguard the Children Contact: Mae Ho
(ext. 139) or (626) 457-5302  stmdrealhambra@gmail.com
Director of Religious Education: Mae Ho
(ext. 139) or (626) 457-5302  stmdrealhambra@gmail.com
Liturgy & Music Coordinator: Sr. Andrea Johnson
(ext. 137) stmmusiclit@gmail.com
Accounting Manager: Lucy Lai
(ext. 141) acct_stm@yahoo.com
 Youth Ministry & Confirmation Coordinator: Francisco Ramos
Assistant Coordinator: Gabriella Ramos (ext. 135)
Parish Secretary: Lucia Alcantar
(ext. 112) stm_secretary@live.com
Parish Receptionist: Mimi Lewis
-St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church-
2510 S. Fremont Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91803
-Fr. Thai's Weekly Reflections-
Every year on February 14th, many people around the world celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. The legend tells that Saint Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. During that time, Emperor Claudius II banned marriages for young men, believing that unmarried soldiers would fulfill their duties and missions more effectively than those who were married!
Valentine realized this was an unfair mandate and disobeyed Claudius. Valentine continued to celebrate marriage rites for young lovers in secret. Eventually, these celebrations were discovered, and Claudius ordered Valentine to be killed. Marriage is a beautiful sacrament that unites a man and a woman together in one flesh: This union was established by God. It is a beautiful and sacred commitment: No wonder why many young people throughout the ages celebrate this union.

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