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Weekly Mass

STM Church Sunday Masses
Attend Services if you are: Symptom-Free, Not At-Risk,
Able to Wear a Mask, and Practicing Social Distancing
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Thank you for your continued support!

-Fr. Thai's Weekly Reflections-
Imagine you want to grow some tomatoes for your family in your backyard. There are three factors you can control and will need to prepare: Soil richness, seed quality, and nutrition through fertilizer and water. If you prepare these factors carefully, you improve your chances to reap good tomatoes. A productive harvest of tomatoes depends upon our input. It is so true with our spiritual realm. Once the seed of God’s Word takes root in our hearts and minds, it will produce great fruit for life’s journey.  
Over the past twelve years, as a priest assigned four different parishes, I have learned that every individual approaches the Word of God with different expectations. The way we listen and learn from the Word is unique even though the same gospel and message are proclaimed. Why? The condition of the listener’s heart makes a difference.

-Mass Schedule-

Masses are limited to 100 people each.

View the Los Angeles Archdiocese’s mass from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels at facebook.com/lacatholics.

Saturday Reconciliation:
       4:00pm to 4:45pm
Saturday Vigil:

         5:00pm  Scheduled for Phase 2
Sunday English:

         7:30am, 9:00am, 12:30pm
Sunday Spanish:


         Mon-Sat 8:30am
Holy Day Masses:

         8:30am,  7:00pm
- Parish Information -
  • The Parish Church, Hall, School, and the O’Neill Center are closed to the public until firther notice.
Parish Office  Hours
Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (staff only)
Office staff are available only for answering phone calls and emails.
The Parish Office is closed to visitors.

Some Extensions Have Changed
Office: (626) 284-8333  Fax: (626) 282-4459
Pastor: Fr. Thai Le
(ext. 110) frthaile@yahoo.com
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Jeremiah O’Neill
Deacon Couple: Rogelio and Emilia Garcia
rogelio.emilia@hotmail.com  (626) 705-1072
Safeguard the Children Contact: Mae Ho
(ext. 139) or (626) 457-5302  stmdrealhambra@gmail.com
Director of Religious Education: To be Announced
(ext. 139) or (626) 457-5302  stmdrealhambra@gmail.com
Liturgy & Music Coordinator: Sr. Andrea Johnson
(ext. 137) stmmusiclit@gmail.com
Accounting Manager: Lucy Lai
(ext. 141) acct_stm@yahoo.com
 Youth Ministry & Confirmation Coordinator: Francisco Ramos
Assistant Coordinator: Gabriella Ramos (ext. 135)
Parish Secretary: Lucia Alcantar
(ext. 112) stm_secretary@live.com
Parish Receptionist: Mimi Lewis
-St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church-
More Information
Regular Confessions
are now Available Saturdays

STM's opening plan has been approved by the Archbishop
The church will open for services on June 7th.


2510 S. Fremont Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91803
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